FOMI Short Film Competition: Fiction Programme

18:00 - 19:30

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Our fiction programme showcases the fiction shorts that were stand-outs amongst the short film competition. Demonstrating exceptional filmmaking, creativity, and storytelling.

Visiting Johanna

The reserved Julia has traveled to Vienna, especially to surprise her sister Johanna at her art performance. Johanna has rented a room for her feminist performance, hired two musicians and invited everyone she knows. However, the vernissage apparently turns into a miserably unsuccessful evening, which might bring the two siblings closer together again.

dir. Martin Weiss ~ Austria ~ 2023 ~ 11min


Brig Huang, a headstrong trans teenager, is propelled into their hangover when a reckless decision to have sex without a condom triggers an urgent determination for the ‘morning after’ pill.

dir. Jasper Caverly ~ Australia ~ 2022 ~ 15min


Triangle, the graduation film of Peter Engelmann from the Arts University Bournemouth, is a sci-fi pseudo-docu drama exploring the dark realms of the human mind. The story follows three strangers who - based on a 1997's psychological experiment on the bonds of friendship - are about to become friends for life, separated only by 36 questions...

Triangle premiered internationally at the Oscar Qualifying Indy Shorts International Short Film Festival in the US, shortlisted for the 2021 BAFTA Student Awards, received a Royal Television Society Award and qualified for the 2022 BIFA and the 2023 BAFTA.

dir. Péter Engelmann ~ United Kingdom/Hungary ~ 2021 ~ 20min

The Little Girls

The story of a little girl who is forced into marriage as a child by the family and the wrong tradition of society.

dir. Mohamad Reza Misaghi ~ Iran ~ 2022 ~ 5min


In a world where vitality is gradually decreasing due to environmental pollution, the fisherman who cannot find food establishes a bond with the fish he caught in the lake as a result of long efforts. He is torn between hunger and conscience.

dir. Ebubekir Sefa Akbulut ~ Turkey ~ 2022 ~ 10min


Alex has a compulsive gambling problem, and has reached the point where hiding this from others is no longer an option. He must confront both what it is he has already lost, and is no longer willing to risk losing.

dir. Hector Smith ~ United Kingdom ~ 2022 ~ 10min

Hong Town Bankrush

Ayou got back home to get married, but his father died in an accident during a banquet. So the wedding can't be held because of the 3-year mourning. Water of time flows over Hong town, arousing ripples on and on, just like backrush of waves…

dir. Ruiqi Li ~ China ~ 2022 ~ 20min

Bloomsbury Theatre
15 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH